Nanny G is Frasier's first wife and a well-known children's entertainer, in the style of Raffi. She first appeared in the tenth season episode of Cheers, titled "One Hugs, the Other Doesn't", played by Emma Thompson. In the final Frasier season episode "Caught in the Act," Laurie Metcalf played Nanny G., who proclaims, "Do you have any idea what it’s like to play the same character for twenty years?!" a reference to Grammar's twenty-year portrayal of Frasier on Cheers and Frasier. The character also appeared in a fantasy sequence as the young hippie from Frasier's memory, played by Dina Spybey. Frasier and Nanette were briefly married when he was an undergraduate; the ceremony occurred at City Hall.[13] The two experienced a strong sexual chemistry but Frasier claims that the marriage could not work, because of their youth and inexperience.