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John Allen Hill (Keene Curtis) is the owner of Melville's, the seafood restaurant located directly above Cheers. Though Melville's was mentioned throughout the series, Hill did not first appear until season nine (during which he bought the restaurant and first became its owner.)


When he took possession of Melville's he did not hesitate to tell Sam that much of Cheers actually belongs to Melville's, and demanded Rent in addition to restoring Cheers as the lounge at Melville's. Late or Missed Payments resulted in the main entrance to Cheers public restrooms, pay phones, and Billiards room being closed off. When Rebecca attempted to buy the bar from Sam in Crash Of The Titans, she ended up having to go to him instead. Hill enjoyed the bidding war that took place. Eventually Rebecca helped Sam save the bar. However, Hill had other tricks up his sleeve. Woody ended up printing unauthorized coupon books. Hill took advantage of the mistake being no limit per customer and caused Cheers to go nearly Bankrupt.


Hill is a pompous, uptight old man who has a deep disdain for the Cheers gang, and considers them to be low-class.

Relationship Status[]

He and Carla have a complicated love-hate relationship; they frequently insult and curse at each other even during their frequent bouts of sex.


Hill has a daughter, Valerie Hill (Valerie Mahaffey) that Sam once dated, much to Hill's dislike, until she found out she was only interested in Sam since her father didn't like it.