Cam Winston (Brian Stokes Mitchell) is the deep-voiced tenant of the apartment above Frasier's and is Frasier's rival. The two frequently clash and compete over parking spaces, apartment board placement, and balcony rights.

For all their rivalry, the two have similar tastes, mannerisms and personalities, which may contribute to their clashes. The two have a history of trumping each other back and forth via the apartment board: while Frasier convinces the board to ban Cam from parking his Humvee in the provided garage, Cam hangs an American flag over his balcony, covering Frasier's view; as well as the obvious inconvenience, this incident also damages Frasier's standing with the board, as when he protests about the flag, Cam twists matters so as to make Frasier seem unpatriotic. When their parents feign that they are dating to have the two come to a truce, Cam and Frasier finally end their feud and compromise with each other to please their parents. Martin and Cam's mother do eventually form a short lived relationship.

The last mention of Cam Winston is in the 10th season episode Door Jam, when Frasier finds an invitation addressed to Cam in his mail box due to their switching mail boxes as a condition of their truce. After discovering it's an invitation to an excusive day spa Frasier and Niles go to the address on it, but find that they are not on the "list" which prompts Niles to impersonate Cam; inexplicably using Cam's vocal characteristics in the charade, to get into what turns out to be a day spa.

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