Call Me Irresponsible
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 28 October 1993
Written by Chuck Ranberg & Anne Flett-Giordano
Directed by James Burrows
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"Call Me Irresponsible" is the seventh episode in season 1 of American sitcom Frasier.

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Frasier receives a call in to his show from an individual called Marco, who states he does not want to commit to his current girlfriend because he "wants to keep his options open, in case somebody better comes along!". Astounded by this brazen declaration, Frasier and Roz berate Marco for his lack of basic commitment and advise him to break it off if that is his attitude.

The next day, however, Frasier gets something of a shock when Marco's ex-girlfriend, Catherine, appears at the studio and lambasts him as 'a parasitic fraud', claiming he told Marco to break up with her. When Frasier, angry at the unfair accusation, retorts that Marco told most of Seattle he was only staying with her until someone better came along, she breaks down in tears. Somewhat guilty at his insensitivity, Frasier tries to console her, but in the process finds he and Catherine have quite a lot in common: one thing leads to another and before long, the pair are dating.

Three days later, Frasier and Catherine are on a date at Café Nervosa: Frasier invites Catherine back to his place for dinner that evening. As she leaves, Niles wanders in: however, he is somewhat surprised to learn that she is the ex of a caller. Niles points out it is somewhat unethical for Frasier to date Catherine, but Frasier claims that because Marco is not technically a client, there should be no problem. Unfortunately, Marco calls in to the show later the same day to say he has seen his ex with another man (fortunately, he doesn't know it was Frasier), and wonders if he should ask her to take him back. Frasier swiftly advises Marco not to and get on with his life (preferably by moving to Pittsburgh), much to the astonishment and disapproval of Roz and Niles. After the show, Niles gives Frasier a lift back to the flat, and comments even if his mind will lose its ethics to keep Catherine, his stomach won't (Apparently, Fraiser always becomes nauseous when he came close to a breach of his ethics, whereas Niles suffers spontaneous nosebleeds: the brothers remark "We left quite a gruesome trail back to the treehouse" the day they stole a dollar from their mother's purse). However, Frasier still claims he has no problems with what he is doing.

Unfortunately, his date with Catherine goes awry when she tries to seduce him: Frasier's hopes of making love in the kitchen are swiftly dashed when he comes over queasy. His efforts to move the romance to the living room are also thwarted, and finally Frasier is forced to confess what he has done, and that for the sake of his ethics, he has to break it off with her. Catherine, angry at the fact Frasier not only screwed up her relationship with Marco but is now dumping her as well, torments Frasier with the knowledge of the things she would have done with him, and then storms out after making (in Frasier's opinion) a cheap shot about his cooking. Frasier is left to come to terms with the fact his ethics just cost him a night of great sex.

Frasier's bad mood is not improved by the fact his father and Daphne want to include him in making the family Christmas cards, in spite of the fact it is October 21.

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