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Bulldog Briscoe And Gil Chesterton

Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe
(Dan Butler) hosts the Gonzo Sports Show, KACL's highest-rated show among most demographics.[14] He is a boorish, intensely macho sports fan, and the urbane Frasier is frequently annoyed by Bulldog, partly because of the other man's more 'common' characteristics, and partly because Frasier is usually the butt of Bulldog's jokes. His catch phrase is to yell "THIS STINKS! THIS IS TOTAL BS!" after slamming his fist down whenever he loses something, only to find it immediately afterwards.[14] Bulldog is incredibly sexist and appears to have racist views towards Asian-Americans, particularly the Chinese, that he makes no attempt to hide and often expresses on his show. Bulldog is also extremely rude and discourteous, and often insults his coworkers, interviewees and even his callers. Despite this, he is apparently very popular, and has been shown to receive at least as many calls from people expressing affection or admiration for him as he receives angry calls. Despite his sexism and racism, Bulldog never displayed any sign of homophobia (Butler being, in fact, openly gay).

Bulldog is an intense womanizer, and has casual affairs with many women (whom he usually dumps just as casually), but has something of a crush on Roz. After a short affair with her, Bulldog reveals his feelings towards Roz to be genuine, but they prove to be unrequited. After his show is canceled and he is fired by the station at the end of Season 6, he shortly thereafter returns to work in an off-air capacity.