Agents In America Part 3
Season 2, Episode 22
Air date 9 May 1995
Written by Joe Keenan
Directed by David Lee
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An Affair To Forget
The Innkeepers
Niles and Frasier are in Café Nervosa discussing Maris chasing the presidency of her wine club when Bebe Glazer, Frasier's agent, arrives and tells him that they are only offering an 8% raise (as in his contract) so she convinces him to hold out for a renegotiation. The station starts to play hardball by interviewing replacements for Frasier and painting over his car parking space, so when Bebe arrives at Frasier's apartment, he has turned very worried and wants her to agree to their pay raise. Bebe reluctantly phones up Tom Duran, the station manager, and tells them they have until midnight to agree to her demands or Frasier walks. The station doesn't ring until 11:45pm, at which point Frasier is decidedly worried about his future. Luckily, the station agrees to renegotiate his contract from scratch the next morning, so Bebe and Frasier start to celebrate. When Frasier is awoken by Martin the next morning, he starts to recall the events of the previous night, at which point Bebe walks into the living room wearing Frasier's shirt. Bebe has taken this as a sign of a relationship, but Frasier makes her see it was a mistake. However, after Bebe has gone to renegotiate his contract, he is sitting in Café Nervosa with Niles when Bulldog rushes in and says Bebe is on the ledge of Tom Duran's office and is threatening to jump. Fearing it may be his rejection of her that has driven Bebe to this extreme, he rushes to her aid. Once on the ledge, Bebe reveals this is just a tactic to get the station to keep Frasier, and luckily, it works. Frasier is initially appalled Bebe can sink so low, but soon realises he is glad she is his agent.
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